Jesus, Buddha and Vedic Truth

By George Johnston - Jesus lived in India and the Far East from the age of 13 to 30, 17 years that are unaccounted for in the Bible but documented in ancient manuscripts in Tibet. During that time in his life, Jesus visited sages and holy people, and studied the teachings of the Vedas.

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The Self and God

By George Johnston - The body and its experiences of ever-changing phenomena are not real: “The Self is Reality (tattva), the Self is permanent (nitya), the Self is virtue (guna), the Self is eternal (sasvata), the Self is stable (dhruva), the Self is peace (siva).” It is within us, but we are not aware of it.

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Concepts of Healing

By Yogacharya J Oliver Black - This Creative Energy is always wanting to work toward perfection. So we need to precipitate the Creative Energy in order to cause it to happen. Through the pattern of our desire, it moves in the directions and accomplishes that which we desire.

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Personal Retreat at the Ranch

By Steve Sandner - After two or three days, I consciously realized that the stress had fallen away, and, instead, there was a wonderful feeling of peace and inner joy. This is the “Ranch feeling” that is so hard to describe in words.

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Bob Raymer Meets Master

By Bob Raymer- He sat me down, and started to tell me all kinds of things about my life — some of them I had forgotten. He touched on a lot of different things. He hit the nail right on the head, and some things really hit me deeply.

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Meditation Techniques and Hatha Yoga Benefits

By George Johnston - Regular practice of traditional hatha yoga poses can relax tensions, energize your whole being and improve your health, helping you withdraw your attention from outer sensations and wandering thoughts when you practice meditation techniques to enter the inner silence.

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