Concepts of Healing

By Yogacharya J Oliver Black – SRF Sunday service at Detroit Institute of Arts, late 1960s

By Yogacharya J Oliver Black

There are names on the lectern to be remembered this morning in our spiritual service. So let us continue to close our eyes and meditate. And let us…for all of us whose attention is here this morning, may we all feel that oneness, that we’re all merged in that same Infinite Spirit, that we realize that we are all one and that we are not each of us separate from anyone else. That the same life that flows through one flows through the other, and flows through all created things. So there is no sense of distance or separative-ness. We are all one, so whatever we think can be instantly transferred, for what our desire is can be instantly transferred to the other.

So as we precipitate this energy this morning on behalf of those who are looking to us for…a little aid, a little help in order that they might feel that they have been regenerated, which they can be. And this Creative Energy is always wanting to work toward perfection. So we need to precipitate the Creative Energy in order to cause it to happen. Through the pattern of our desire, it moves in the directions and accomplishes that which we desire.

But unless one really knows God, he is not justified in saying that only mind exists and that one does not need to obey health laws nor to use any any practical aids for healing. Until actual realization is attained, one should use his common sense in all he does.

At the same time, one should never doubt God, but should constantly affirm his faith in the Divine Omnipresent Father. Out of that Great Power, all atomic energy is throbbing, manifesting and sustaining every cell of the physical universe, as moving pictures are sustained by a beam of light coming from the projection booth of the movie house. So are all of us sustained by that Cosmic Beam. When you look to, and find, that Beam, you will the Unlimited Power to rebuild the atoms and electrons and lifetrons and all cells that may be out of order.

And now, just for a silent moment, let us all commune with that Healer. Then, thanking Him, and giving Him all the praise and glory, we ask Thy peace, Thy love.



Musician & Yogi