Community Day! Saturday, June 22, 2019

Richard Armour gave a short tour of the new maintenance building, then the group gathered in the office for chanting, and short talks by Richard, Steve Sandner, and Anne Wakenhut. The group then went to God’s garden for karma yoga, weeding and garden clean-up. The afternoon ended with a gathering at the new home of Mike Wanger and Sue Bella.

Richard, Steve, and Anne

The three speakers for Community Day were Richard Armour, Steve Sandner, and Anne Wakenhut

Group gathering in the new Community office

Working in God's garden

Karma yoga on Community Day in God’s garden

Gathering in the home of Mike Wanger and Sue Bella on Community Day

The new maintenance building serves as shelter for our plow and fire trucks, and it also provides office space for community business.

A new home in the Community! Sue Bella and Mike Wanger watch their new home go up in one day on September 19, 2018.

Steve Sandner talks about how he came to the Community in a talk he gave on Community Day 2019