New CD – “The Power of Concentration

Yogacharya J. Oliver Black

With music performed by Peggy Smock & Steve Sandner

Available Sept 5 at Song of the Morning Gift Shop

Community Day 2021 Saturday, June 19

“Growing the Future”

  • 11 AMZOOM meeting – Special guest speaker Pieternel Feeheley from Home 45 in Gaylord.
  • 1 PM – In-person meeting at God’s garden at  to discuss garden project options and fellowship.
  • 5 PM – Outdoor dinner at the main house
  • After dinner, a short hike with Ian on a new hiking trail.

For more information, call Carol or Richard Armour at 989-983-9136 or Anne or John Pfluecke at 989-983-2370 or email

Clear Light Community does not specifically endorse any particular building company

At the June 19 Zoom session, Pieternel Feehley talks about home construction options that her company represents, and she answers questions from Zoom participants.

Pieternel’s PowerPoint Presentation

Yogi Birthday Image

Construction Has Begun for Fiber Optic Internet!

Will Be Operational in the Community Soon!

We are excited to share that construction has begun to bring fiber optic Internet access to Song of the Morning and the Clear Light Community. This service is provided by Great Lakes Energy and offers the highest level of Internet service available to consumers and businesses. Thank you to Great Lakes Energy for all their work bringing this service to us and to other communities in Northern Michigan! More details can be found at  .

Internet Installation on Road

CD – “How To Attune with Divine Will

Yogacharya J. Oliver Black

Available at Song of the Morning Gift Shop

Community Day 2020 Saturday, June 20

Happy 20th Anniversary to Clear Light Community

As part of the Community’s 20th anniversary, there was a small outdoor event.

Also, two new videos were produced for the occasion: Members of the Community take turns talking about their background and experiences in a video produced by Monika Ford. The second video is an interview with George and Mary Ann Johnston, who were the first residents of Clear Light Community.

Clear Light Community residents talk about their experiences and what they value in a spiritual community.

George and Mary Ann Johnston talk about their experiences as they are interviewed by Steve Sandner

Community Day! Saturday, June 22, 2019

Richard Armour gave a short tour of the new maintenance building, then the group gathered in the office for chanting, and short talks by Richard, Steve Sandner, and Anne Wakenhut. The group then went to God’s garden for karma yoga, weeding and garden clean-up. The afternoon ended with a gathering at the new home of Mike Wanger and Sue Bella.

Richard, Steve, and Anne

The three speakers for Community Day were Richard Armour, Steve Sandner, and Anne Wakenhut

Group gathering in the new Community office

Working in God's garden

Karma yoga on Community Day in God’s garden

Gathering in the home of Mike Wanger and Sue Bella on Community Day

The new maintenance building serves as shelter for our plow and fire trucks, and it also provides office space for community business.

A new home in the Community! Sue Bella and Mike Wanger watch their new home go up in one day on September 19, 2018.

Steve Sandner talks about how he came to the Community in a talk he gave on Community Day 2019