Community Day 2023 Saturday, July 1

“Growing Together”

  • 11 AM – Events start as we meet in front of the Main House, drive to Phase III garden for a tour with Will & Wendy
  • Noon – Walk the newly refurbished Babaji Trail lined with newly-planted rhododendrons
  • 1:30 or 2 PM – Jeff and Agnes Waltz host a gathering at their Community home
  • 5 PM – Dinner will be available at the main house for those who have pre-registered. To register and/or make dinner reservations, click here

For more information, call Carol or Richard Armour at 989-983-9136 or Anne or John Pfluecke at 989-983-2370 or email

Community Association Committee

Association Committee

The Clear Light Community Association Committee met recently on March 4, 2023 after being relatively inactive for several years.

The Clear Light Community Association consists of all leaseholders, which the CLCA Committee represents. The committee has been in existence for over 10 years, and, with recent meetings in November and March, has started to become more active. The Association Committee is separate from the Clear Light Management Committee (CLCMC).

The members of the committee are: Steve Sandner (president), Wendy Page-Echols, Angela Lentine (secretary), Steve Zawisa, Joe Stermer, Tom Wright, John Pfluecke, and Michael Krumpelt.

At the March 4 meeting, the first thing on our agenda was to set a date for a Community Zoom meeting for ALL LEASEHOLDERS for June 24, 2023. The time for the meeting was tentatively set for 10:30 AM. Email announcements and reminders will be sent out, and information will be posted on the web site.

Wendy talked about her starting, after mentioning it at our last meeting, a “Happy Camper” program where the Community sponsors a variety of activities on a monthly basis. The first event took place on February 13 at the Main House, with a variety of games, and staff was invited to join. Wendy reported that it was a resounding success!

The committee also talked about safety concerns within the Community and the Retreat. At least three of our committee are trained in CPR, and it’s possible one or two committee members could be certified to teach CPR in the near future. We talked about making sure everyone has awareness of the first aid kit in the mainhouse. Also, we made note that there is already a wellness committee that has been established among Community members outside of our committee. We also talked about the importance of the red folder, which every home has on top of their refrigerator, containing emergency contact information and other information related to the Community.

The committee discussed other Community issues and interests, including the Phase III garden, which is mainly being handled thus far by the CLCMC board. Gift baskets, and other logistics for our board membership and structure were discussed.

For more information on the Association Committee and its activities, contact Steve Sandner:

Happy Camper Evening at the Mainhouse.

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