Clear Light Community Newsletters

SRF regional retreat and nuns’ visit; Chant CD with Peggy Braden and Steve Sandner; articles by Joe and Windi Stermer, Brian Gentner, Carol and Bruce Malnor; Transcription of Yogacharya meditation from March 31, 1968

Master’s instructions to Yogacharya; Lessee Zoom Meeting report by Sue Bella; articles by Tom Brown, Tom Wright, Justine Markey, Ellen & Jack Slater; Birding with Mike Wanger; Yogacharya Speaks of the Future

12 days of Christmas between December 25 and Master’s birthday; Memories of Irmgard Kurtz; article by Steve Weissenthal; new maintenance building; Anne Wakenhut’s Care Team report; new residents Mike Wanger and Sue Bella

Letter from Yogacharya to Brother Mokshananda; remembering Tom Walker and Gary Wakenhut; Twelve Days of Christmas; pictures of all eight homes; new fire truck; article by Anne Wakenhut; words of Yogacharya: A New Way of Life
Words of friendship from Mrinilini Mata; enhancing the newly emerging meadow area; report on April’s planting project; article by Mitch Kamiel; Bob Raymer’s introduction to Master and Kriya Yoga.
Yogacharya healing story; Yogacharya talks about concepts of healing; picture of Yogacharya at Lake Shrine, 1966; new members Anne and Gary Wakenhut talk about thier coming to the community; articles by Greg Rorabaugh and Michael Krumpelt.
Letter from Master to Yogacharya, 1949; Brother Jayananda and Brahmachari Martin to visit; new CLC Association Committee; Roy Thibodeau GL Teachers Association report; Whispers of OM Kirtan.
Welcome to the community; future temple plan; emergency planning; lease agreement building extension; letter from Master, 1933; articles by Amy Pfluecke & Karen Epperson; Yogacharya’s experiences with Master.
Wildlife in the community; Richard Armour’s management report; payment plan information; fire safety; article by Tom Walker & Sandi Jones.
Sam and Linda’s new home; prospective plans for a maintenance building; articles by Dorothy Stingley, Marilyn Beker, and Ray and Kaye Thomas-Hogan.
SRF monks Vijayananda and Naradananda conduct special service in honor of Bob Raymer; visits by Brothers Santoshananda and Pranavananda; John and Anne’s home almost finished; articles by Eileen Guilford and Mike Krumpelt; Yogacharya relates visiting Master in Indianapolis.
Sam and Linda Gabby, Anne and John Pfleucke, talk about the specifics of their house plans; articles by Steve Sandner and Don Handyside; letter from Yogacharya.
Building the Future; Description of ongoing projects at the Ranch; Mitch Kamiel’s Cross-Canada Challenge; News of Youth Group projects; Golden Lotus Yoga Teachers’ Association helps with fundraising.
Articles by Greg Rorabaugh and Ray & Kaye Thomas-Hogan; Brother Vishwananda, Brahmacharis Joe and Paul, visit SOM; Phase III is approved.
Phase II zoning approved; articles by Roy and Mary Ann Thibodeau, and Richard Jackson; Yogacharya’s fish story.
Photos of the first four houses; articles by Paul Gordon, and Carol and Richard Armour.
Letter from Bob Raymer; articles by Don Handyside, George Johnston, and Irmgard Kurtz.
First newsletter; George & Mary Ann Johnson describe their experience as first-home builders; articles by Sam & Linda Gabby, Carol Armour, and John Pfluecke.